Be particular about how you spend your money, energy and time

money energy time

How we spend our money, energy and time play a significant factor in how much value we can gain from an activity.

When used frivolously they can contribute to a sub-par experience and when used intentionally they can produce a very rich experience. 

But why these three in particular?

Money – money is one of the most volatile resources we have. There are endless ways we can spend it and no end of people who will take it. We can also generate a theoretically exponential amount in a day. Take gambling and investing. Each are equally good examples or ways we can lose or gain large amounts of money in mere moments. 

Spending money more intentionally amounts to carefully thinking about what physical items, experiences or services will add the most value to our lives. By identifying what personal brings us the most value we are less influenced by the whims and fancies of sales or peer-pressure. 

Energy – our energy can also somewhat fluctuate throughout the day. We can top it up with a quick nap or cup of coffee, or deplete it with some exercise or cognitive activity. 

Most of us will be aware of how our energy levels, or lack thereof, can contribute to how well we enjoy a particular activity. When we are tired even the easiest and pleasurable of activities such as watching a film or reading can be excruciating.

Getting consistent, adequate and quality sleep is one of the single best things we can do for our enjoyment of life. Because the quality and quantity of our sleep directly influences our waking hours.

Time – time is our least renewable resource, we can’t get it back other than trying to stay healthy to live longer. Nor can we lose more time faster than the ticking clock. We can literally see time passing and it is mercilessly the same for everyone. That said we can still very easily squander time on activities from which we derive very little value.

By clearly thinking and defining what activities will provide most value we can then schedule these activities – because what gets scheduled gets done.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also schedule time for rest and leisure. These are two very important activities that can often get waylaid in light of productivity.

Maximising your money, energy and time

How each of use our money, energy and time will look different but I urge you to think about how the three of them can contribute towards more enriching experiences and then do more of them!

As an example for myself, one the best uses of my money, energy and time is a ballet class. For others it could be going out to a club, reading a book or taking a day trip somewhere.

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