Touch it once

While I’m generally not a fan of life-hacks or quick fixes, this rule has become one of my most treasured.

Touch it once refers to literally only having to touch something in one sitting.

For example, if you come home, don’t sling your coat on the back of a chair, because you’ll only have to hang it up later. After eating, don’t leave the dishes in the sink because you’ll only have to wash them later or put them in the dishwasher. Once you get paid, don’t spend you’re money on fun stuff before you pay rent or bills.

The idea behind it is to take action now rather delaying and having to reconsider it later. It took me a while to really grasp this and build a good habit out of it but if I think about it logically (and I’m appealing to my lazy side here!) why wouldn’t I only want to do something once.

One area I want to implement this is emails. I often open emails, read them and mark them as unread only to follow up later. Much better would be to set aside half an hour to blast through them and actually take action on them. I appreciate that sometimes it can overwhelming to have to deal with something right there and then especially if it may take a big chunk of time. With this in mind forget the touch it once and instead move it forward by eliminating say, only the junk email or the worst of the dishes so that things will be in a better shape when you have more time.

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