Sincerely? 100%?

How often do you do something 100%? And how often do you do things sincerely? These are two questions to ask yourself.

It’s increasingly difficult when you’re constantly being pulled by other things. I find it very hard to sometimes do the very thing I’m trying to do. I get pulled quite easily by notifications, things to do, other people. I will often watch a TV show but be on my laptop at the same time, or have a video open in a tab and doing something else in another tab, or check my phone while I’m having coffee with a friend. And really, I’m not doing any of those things sincerely or 100%.

But by becoming aware of this we can make ourselves be more present and mindful. It’s not just about multitasking or single-tasking. It’s about giving something or someone your full attention. it’s about pouring yourself into that moment and giving it your all.

If you really need to get something done find out what works for you. It might be closing down all tabs and other applications. It might mean putting your phone on silent or (shock!) turning it off all together. Or it could even mean working with someone else on a project or in the room so you can motivate each other and keep each other in check. Try things out and see what works.

“When walking, walk. When eating, eat.” – Zen Proverb

When we give ourselves over to the present we are more focused, attentive and aware. Most importantly we are open to the possibilities that arise and are able to take the opportunities, form the ideas and relish the moments that are otherwise missed.

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