Simple pleasures

Sometimes were so busy chasing the goals in our life, we miss the the beauty of how our present lives already make us happy. I urge you to make a list of simple pleasures, those little things that you get lost in. Take 2 minutes now to jot some down. Here are some of the things that I really take enjoyment in and that make me happy (in no particular order):

  • Sharing a bottle of wine between friends.

  • The first sip of freshly brewed of coffee.

  • Travel.

  • Cooking a meal from scratch.

  • Going for a walk.

  • Deep, personal conversations with close friends (and sometimes new acquaintances!).

  • Creating something – anything. Be it a blog post, a piece of writing, a photograph or producing a play.

You’ll notice how getting that promotion, paying for insurance or choosing what to wear in the morning are not on my list. Is there anything in your life now, such as commitments, decisions or items that are stopping you from enjoying these pleasures? If so, take a little time to reassess what you could get rid of, change or say no to.

Don’t let the urgent overshadow what’s important.

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